How to Transplant Cuttings and Seedlings

Spring is here which means anyone with a garden is bound to do some type of transplanting.  A well executed transplant is one key to having a bountiful harvest.  Whether you garden in soil, soilless, or hydroponics, there are a few helpful hints that will make this transition nice and easy for you and your garden.  The number one goal when transplanting any full grown plant or newly rooted cutting or seedling is to reduce or eliminate “transplant shock”.  We … Continue Reading


Garden Transplanting Basics

Hey everybody! This is Sarti from Santa Cruz Hydro – Scotts Valley (formerly Rooted Hydroponics), here with your gardening tips and tricks of the month…the basics of garden transplanting. First, make sure you have enough material; whatever you choose as your medium. One of my favorite nutrients for successful transplanting is Botanicare Liquid Karma. I found it works well with anything from rock wool, coco, pro-mix, to soil. I like to use it as a root drench to prepare the … Continue Reading