BioBizz Organics – Committed to Quality and Respecting Nature

For over a decade BioBizz has been of the best selling organic nutrients worldwide. BioBizz has made the conscious effort to make a positive contribution with its commitment to ecological awareness. They produce natural nutrients, fertilizers, stimulants, and additive mixtures for plants. These products have been developed for every sensible gardener. Product innovation and quality control is the foundation of their success. Ecologically aware and socially responsible, BioBizz’s scientists and technicians use the very latest technology available for periodical and … Continue Reading


Top Feed Drip Method Pt1

Top-Feeding Drip Top feeding plants can be a simple and very effective way to keep your plants hydrated, or fed properly. There are various different products that can be used to top feed, and I will attempt to explore the most applicable options, and when and why they do, or do not work well for a given situation. Theory Behind Top-Feeding Two important components that plants need to survive are water and nutrients. Plant mediums either contain nutrients – such … Continue Reading